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Introducing Outdoor Porcelain Tile

What is Outdoor Porcelain Tile?

Crafted from high-quality refined clay and subjected to intense firing at high temperatures, Outdoor Porcelain Tiles are a lightweight yet resilient building material, presenting a contemporary answer to outdoor hardscape needs. Their superior quality ensures resistance to water, frost, stains, and scratches, making them an ideal selection for your outdoor spaces.

Produced using advanced technology, these tiles are equally aesthetic and functional. They are created to look elegant, mimicking the appearance of realistic natural stone while being over two times stronger.

What are the advantages of using Porcelain Tile?

There are many advantages to using Porcelain Tile in your outdoors spaces. These advantages become very apparent when porcelain tiles are compared to commonly used concrete slabs or pavers.

Lightweight: Our tiles are only 2cm thick and weigh 9.5lbs per square foot. This is 2.5 times lighter than concrete slabs of the same size.

Anti-Slip: An R11 Anti-Slip Rating means that our tiles are secure for both dry and wet environments.

Durability: Our tiles can withstand over 2200lbs of pressure per tile without breaking. Porcelain is very hard and very few materials can scratch it other than diamond and other porcelain products. Furthermore, our porcelain tiles change very little over time, whereas concrete slabs get worn down and are more easily scratched.

Porosity: Porcelain has only 0.5% porosity compared to 15% for concrete, which means it is virtually impenetrable by liquids and therefore resistant to stains from liquids like oils or red wine.

Where to use Outdoor Porcelain Tile?

Porcelain tiles can be used in all kinds of outdoor environments on both the ground level and upper levels of both residential and commercial spaces. Different methods of installation mean that the tiles can be an ideal choice in numerous settings.

Patios and walkways

Installation on the ground level is like that of other concrete slabs and paving stones, using a 4” compacted aggregate base and a 1” levelling layer or an interlocking sub-base tile to help stabilize the base. The interlocking sub-base tiles are especially useful in climates, such as our own here in Alberta, where freezing and thawing often occur. A low-profile edge restraint is installed along the perimeter to hold the patio or walkway in place. A grout or hardening agent called “polymeric sand” is used to seal the joints between the tiles to prevent water from penetrating the base or weeds growing through. The result is a level, secure, and aesthetic patio, or walkway.

Rooftop and Balconies

Being lightweight and strong, our tiles are an ideal flooring product for residential and commercial rooftops and balconies. Other rooftop products tend to be heavier and less durable than our 2cm tiles. The lighter weight allows for materials to be saved in framing and sub-floor construction. Our tiles are installed using adjustable pedestals, meaning you can both raise and lower the tiles to match doorways, stairs, or railings. The tiles only need to be supported on the four corners by pedestals or spacers. (60x120cm tiles require an additional spacer at the midway point along the 120cm edge.) This system allows for water drainage between the tiles to the solid sub surface which slopes to a scupper or exit point connecting to existing roof drainage.

Around Pools and Hot tubs

The Outdoor Porcelain Tiles are ideal for use around a pool or hot tub due to the anti-slip surface that will help you feel secure whether wet or dry. Our bullnose tiles create a safe transition for the perimeter of pool decks and steps.

Raised Decks

Our tiles are installed on raised decks using a simple and functional aluminium rail system. Only a standard deck frame (16” centers) is required for support. The custom rail is secured to the wooden joists using standard deck screws. Customized plastic spacers slide into the channel of the rail to support the four corners of the tiles. The tiles sit on top of the spacers creating a floating system. This allows for the tiles to be easily pulled up at any time if access is required underneath the deck. The tiles are held in place by a fascia board installed along the edges of the deck. The porcelain tiles and aluminium rail system are more cost effective than mid-grade composite decking as well as being more durable and requiring less maintenance than wood or composite decks.

What Colors and Tile sizes are available?

Our company, which is based in Airdrie, is available for all your Outdoor Porcelain Tile needs. We service the areas of Airdrie, Red Deer, Calgary, Okotoks and Chestermere. Our tiles come in three collections:

Ash Collection

Available in colors, Grey, Graphite, and Charcoal.
Dimensions available, 60cm x 30cm, 60cm x 60cm, 120cm x 60cm, and Bullnose.

Arkos Collection

Available in colors, Grey, and Sandstone.
Dimensions available, 60cm x 30cm, 60cm, 60cm, 120cm x 60cm, and Bullnose.

Striate Collection

Available in colors, Grey, and Graphite.
Dimensions available in 60cm x 30cm, 60cm x 60cm, and Bullnose.

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Introducing Outdoor Porcelain Tile

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