"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work"

Hello! We are the Penners, Trevor and Tyler are brothers and Chelly is Trevor's wife.
Trevor and Tyler have been in the business since they were very young, they started working for Battle River Landscape Supply and Design, owned by Ross & Myra Penner, our parent.
 In late 2021 we purchased the Landscape business from our parents and rebranded the business to Penterra Landscape and Design, we hope to carry on giving you the work excellence we have been giving you over the years and get to know our future clients.


trevor Penner

Co-Founder of Penterra. One of the two faces you will see from the first visit to the final finishes, I've been in the industry since i was 16, when my father asked me what dream I wanted to pursue and I said landscaping. It's been an enjoyable career and I hope your project can be part of it. 

tyler penner

Co-Founder of Penterra. I am the other face you will be seeing. I stared landscaping when i was 17 and along with my brother we have built a strong business, based on quality work, looking forward to work with your ideas and see what we can build together. 

Chelly parra-penner

 I am the one that takes our ideas and turns them into 3 dimensional designs that you can see as close to real life as its going to be. I started learning about landscaping 2 years ago when Trevor and I married, He does all the figuring, I do all the drawing. I am excited to draw designs that you all can enjoy.


Hello! I am The sales representative for Penterra. I will be taking your initial calls and making sure your landscaping experience is successful from pricing and design to completion. Together with my wife we started in the gravel business in 2002. In 2010 we incorporated our children in staring a Landscape business and it has grown to what Penterra is now today!